The Salesperson Field

The Salesperson field is a special field in the transaction window. It can be used in two different ways:

  • as another field for recording something about the transaction—maybe a code that indicates the salesperson in a sales transaction, or maybe something else.
  • in MoneyWorks Gold only, as a special field used for appending a department specifier to the item account codes. This only applies if you have departmentalised item control accounts for sales and purchases —see Setting Append Salesperson.

You can also change the name of the Salesperson field (e.g. to Branch or Area), so that it more closely resembles how you want to use it. This is done in the Document Preferences —see Fields.

No special action is required to use the Salesperson field as an ordinary field. However it is probably not a good idea to mix the usage of the field—if you are using it for controlling item departments in MoneyWorks Gold, then only use it for that.

Setting the Default Salesperson value

You can associate a default value that is entered into the Salesperson field by specifying it in the Names record —see Salesperson. This allows you to assign a salesperson to a customer.