Recording Jobs in Transactions

You can assign individual transaction detail lines to jobs. This enables you to track income and expenditure by job, which is normally totally independent of the structure of your chart of accounts. You can then extract information about costs for the various jobs.

To assign detail lines to jobs, the Show Job Column option must be on —see Job Preferences. This causes an additional column called Job to be displayed at the right hand side of the detail lines. It also causes an extra job column to be printed when transaction lists that show detail lines are printed.

To assign a transaction line to an individual job:

  1. Create a new transaction and detail line in the usual manner
  1. Enter the job code in the right-most column of the detail line

The information in the detail line will be tagged against that job. For MoneyWorks Gold, if the Enable Job Costing and Time Billing option is set, a new job sheet entry will be created when the transaction is posted.

If the job code does not exist, and the Allow any value in job column job preference option is off, the Job Choices window will be displayed. Double-click the job you require in the list, or click New to create a new job.

Note: If the Job Code Required option is set in the associated account code —see MoneyWorks Accounts, you will be required to specify a job in the job column for transactions other than journals, otherwise it is optional.

For a full discussion on job control see Job Control.