Auto-Allocations allow MoneyWorks to assign default general ledger codes when you enter transactions. The allocations can be associated with customers and suppliers —see Default Account, or can be activated during transaction entry by a text in the To/From or Description fields. They can also be used when importing bank statements.

Example: Whenever you get charged interest by your bank, the word “Interest” is entered into the transaction description, enabling it to be automatically coded your Interest Expense. This is accomplished by creating an Auto-Allocation associated with the text “Interest”.

Auto-Allocations are applied to transactions as they are being entered, and are based on a set of pre-defined “rules” —see Setting up an Auto-Allocation for General Transactions, each rule being identified by a unique text string. To successfully apply a rule, you need to have entered the matching text into either the To/From or the Description field, and the transaction amount in the Amount field.

To invoke an Auto-Allocation rule

  1. Choose Edit>Apply Named Allocation, press Ctrl-U/⌘-U, or click the Auto-Allocate icon

The Auto-Allocation rules are searched for a rule starting with the text in the To/From field. If no match is found, the rules are searched for a rule starting with the text in the Description field. Detail lines are automatically created for the accounts and breakdown specified in the rule.

A beep is sounded if no matching rule is found.

To Change a previous applied allocation

  1. Alter either the text in the To/From field or Description (if the rule was incorrect), or the Amount and press Ctrl-U/⌘-U

The new rule will be applied to the value in the Amount field.