Overview of a MoneyWorks stocktake

The stocktake facility in MoneyWorks takes a snapshot of your current stock on hand and value at a point in time (normally close of business for the stocktake day). You then need to physically count your stock (which is time critical), and, as soon as practicable thereafter, enter this physical count into MoneyWorks. Once this is done MoneyWorks will generate the appropriate stock adjustment journals (i.e. the difference between the snapshot and the counted stock).

To Start a Stocktake

  1. Choose Command>Stocktake>Start Stocktake

You can also initiate a stocktake from the Stocktake view in the Items list by clicking the Start Stocktake toolbar icon.

A snapshot of the current stock levels is taken (and an entry made in the log file). Only items that are marked "We stock it" are included in the stocktake.

To Print off a Stocktake List

You can print off a selection of products by highlighting them in the item List. They will appear in whatever order they are sorted, allowing you to select and sort according to your requirements. The Stocktake view in the items list is a good place to do this.

  1. Choose Show>Items (or press Ctrl-3/⌘-3) and click on the Stocktake sidebar view

A list of all stocked products will be displayed

  1. If necessary, search the list to display just the products for which you are doing the stocktake
  1. Sort the list into the required order
  1. Choose Reports>Stock>Stocktake List, or click Stocktake List on the list sidebar

If you have Location Tracking enabled, you will need to select the location from the report settings.

If you turn on the Show Serials/Batches option in the report settings, the stocktake list will show the available batch/serial numbers at the location and their respective count.

A list of the highlighted items (for the nominated location) will be printed, optionally showing the stock level (at the time of the last stocktake snapshot) and bin location, with room for entering the new stock level.