Reports with Customised Settings

Reports can have custom controls in addition (or instead of) the standard ones. These will depend on the intent of the report. For example the Settings window shown at right is for a customised aged debtors/creditors report. It allows the option to age by due date (instead of transaction date), and has a pop-up menu for choosing whether to age debtors or creditors.

Tip: More complex standard reports (such as the Backorder Summaries) have a Documentation option. If this is turned on, documentation about the report will be printed on the first page, with the body following on subsequent pages.

Report Settings for Report Chains

A report chain is a predetermined sequence of reports which can be printed as if it were a single report. It has different Report Settings as it uses the settings stored for each report in the chain.

The Time Interval is set in the same manner as for other reports.