MoneyWorks Security Levels

Privileges protect functional areas of your MoneyWorks file from being accessed by unauthorised users. So for example a purchasing officer might be able to only view/modify purchase orders, purchase invoices and payments.

But payments encompass more than just purchases. For example a payroll transaction is normally recorded as payment, and you don’t necessarily want your purchasing officer to have access to your payroll.

This is where security levels come in. They “cut across” the functional parts to provide an additional layer of protection to general ledger accounts and to any transactions that use them. Thus a user with a security level of:

cannot see or access accounts with a higher security level (more stars), such as:

The account’s security level is also stamped onto each line of each transaction, and the transaction’s security level is set to the highest security level of the entered lines. This means that a user cannot see transactions that use accounts with a higher security setting.

Note: The security check on transactions applies to entered lines only, not the contra account (bank account, payable/receivable control account), or any lines added automatically by MoneyWorks, such as GST/VAT/Tax lines, stock adjustments and currency lines.

Security levels for accounts (and hence transactions) are set and maintained in the Account List.

Important: When you change the security level on an account, MoneyWorks needs to update the security level on all detail lines that use that account, and their corresponding transactions—depending on the size of your data file, this may take some time to apply the changes.