The Details tab contains basic address and the categorisation information.

  1. Enter the Postal, Delivery, Phone and Fax information

If the postal and delivery addresses are the same, use the transfer button to copy the postal address into the delivery address.

  1. Enter the GST#, VAT#, ABN or other tax number of the entity

Some jurisdictions require you to store the tax number of your suppliers and/or customers.

  1. Enter the Web URL if known

Clicking the Go button will activate your browser and take you to the site—handy for accessing on-line price lists.

  1. Enter their code for you in the Their Ref field

This can be used on statements and direct credit banking files.

  1. Enter any text comments into the Comments field

You can store up to 255 characters in this field.

The category fields can be used to analyse sales (or purchases) for the Name by whatever criteria you choose to store, e.g. a regional code in one category, or a code to identify low or high volume customers, wholesale or retail.

You should be consistent about what information is stored in the category fields. For example, if you are storing a regional code in the first category field then always use it for this—don’t be tempted to put other information such as size of business into the field. The powerful analysis reports in MoneyWorks can summarise purchasing and sales information for you by these fields—see Analysis Reports for further information.

  1. Enter up to four categories to be associated with the contact in the Category fields

You can enter up to 7 characters into these fields. By default, the first of these categories displays in the Names list window (you can customise the list to remove this, or add the others—see Customising Your List.

The Custom fields are for your own use. The first two fields can contain up to 255 characters each, and the others up to 15.