Granting access to your MoneyWorks Now document

  1. Choose File > Users and Security
  1. Either open an existing user or create a new user for the document
  1. Fill in the user's email address

If you know that the person has a MoneyWorks Now account with a particular email address, use that. If they do not already have a MoneyWorks Now account, one will be created using the email address you enter.

  1. Turn on Enable MoneyWorks Now Access
  1. Click OK

An activation email will be sent to the person at the given email address. They should follow the instructions in the email to activate their access.

For an existing user, their password, if any, will be replaced in the document with a new password (they do not need to know this, as they will never use it). Their access will be enabled via their MoneyWorks Now account. If the document is ever removed form MoneyWorks Now and used locally or on a private Datacentre server, you will need to obtain the password from the MoneyWorks gateway API.