Modifying and Deleting Items

You can modify a item entry by double-clicking on it in the normal manner.

You can delete a item regardless of whether or not it has been used in transactions. However if a item is deleted, you will not be able to post any existing transactions that use it1. Recurring transactions that use the item will recur correctly, but you will not be able to post them.

You can change the code for an item if you wish. The old item ceases to exist, and the new item inherits all the attributes (except the code) of the old. Existing transactions that use the old item code are not changed, as is the case when changing the code for an account or name.

If you change the price or description for a item, any recurring transactions involving that item will use the new price, description and control accounts when they recur.

1  If you do inadvertently delete a item, you can re-enter it.