Registering your copy of MoneyWorks

If you have purchased a full version of MoneyWorks it is important that you register it—you will in fact be prompted to do this. If you don’t register your copy of MoneyWorks, and lose your serial number (and you will be surprised how often this happens), you will need to purchase another1.

When you register on-line, you can also provide your accountant’s details. A special MoneyWorks licence will be made available to them so they can support you better should the need arise. Accountant’s versions are only available for registered users.

Registration involves giving us your contact details so we can keep you informed of new developments in MoneyWorks, training courses and so forth. Registering on-line is quick and easy.

If it is not convenient to register at this point, you can do it later by choosing Register on line from the Help menu.

Note: If you change your address, email, phone number or other details, you can re-register MoneyWorks by choosing Register on line from the Help menu.

1  If you register, we can tell you what your serial number is in the event that it is lost. If you don’t register, we won’t know what it is.