Fiji VAT Monitoring System

The VAT Monitoring System (VMS) is an initiative by the Government of Fiji that requires organisations to calculate the VAT on sales transactions correctly by submitting sales to a central electronic system. This process is called "Fiscalisation".

There are two ways that VMS can be implemented:

V-SDC: Which sends each sales transaction over the internet to a central system;

E-SDC: Which sends each transaction to a local device so doesn't require a live internet connection. The device can be a network device, or plug into a computer's serial port.

MoneyWorks supports both V-SDC and the networked version of E-SDC.

As of MoneyWorks 8.2, VMS will be automatically loaded for Fijian users of MoneyWorks, but not enabled (the latter can only be done when you have done the necessary setup). VMS is not available to users outside of Fiji.

The nature of VMS imposes a number of restrictions on how you can use MoneyWorks. For example, final invoices or receipts must be fiscalised before issuing, and certain information must be displayed on the printed form. It follows that a sales transaction must be fiscalised just before posting (so it cannot be subsequently altered), which means that there are now restrictions on posting these transactions. Additionally special invoice layouts are required to be used when printing a sales invoice or docket.