To delete a section

  1. Change to the section that you want to delete
  1. Choose Delete from the Section pop-up menu in the tool palette

If there are any objects on the section you will be asked for confirmation (the action cannot be undone).

  1. Click Delete Section to delete the section

Subsequent sections will be renumbered (so if you delete section 3, the old section 4 will become section 3).

Conditional printing of sections

It may be that you only want a section to print under certain conditions (for example, only new customers get the terms and conditions added to their invoice). This can be achieved using the Section function in the Form Options.

Notes on sections

  • Calculations in one section of the form can reference calculations and lists on other sections (regardless of whether the section is skipped or not).
  • Variable and list names must be unique across sections. Thus if you have a list with the name of "List" in section 1, and another list with the name of "list" in section 2, you will get an error when you print the form.
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