Modifying a Group

You can alter any information about a group simply by double-clicking the Department Group in the Department Group list. You can add more departments to the Group by using the Add button as described above.

Removing a Department from the Group

  1. Highlight the department in the list of departments in the Group window and click Remove

A dialog box asks you to choose which of the other departments in the group will receive the historic balances and any transactions for the department being removed.

  1. Click on the department code and then click Transfer

All accounts associated with the group from which the department has been removed will have that sub-ledger deleted, and any balances will be transferred to the nominated department.

All transactions (including posted) that use the account-department are changed to have the nominated department instead of the removed one.

Clicking Cancel leaves the department in the group.

  1. Click OK to accept these changes

Clicking Cancel will close the window without saving the changes.