Installing Client Software

The MoneyWorks Datacentre client software is MoneyWorks Gold. You can install this from the downloadable MoneyWorks Gold installer.

The first time MoneyWorks Gold is opened on a particular computer (actually for a user account on the computer), it will ask for registration information.

Serial Number

One full MoneyWorks Gold installation

MoneyWorks Datacentre comes with one MoneyWorks Gold registration number to enable full standalone functionality (in particular for creating new accounts documents). You can enter this registration number on one computer (it will be in the form xxG-nnnnn-nnnnn). You can use that computer for creating new MoneyWorks accounts documents and setting them up before sharing them with other users by placing them in the Datacentre documents folder on the server. On this computer, select "Full functionality with local company files" and enter your the serial number and click OK.

All other client installations

For all other computers that you install the client software on—for use only with the Datacentre server—no registration information is required: Select "Demonstration Mode or Network Client" and click OK.

Updating client software

You only ever need to install the client software on a particular workstation once. Whenever the Datacentre software is updated on the server, software updates are delivered to clients automatically when they next log in (installing these client updates will typically require the user to have admin privileges on their computer).

Additional full MoneyWorks Gold Installations

If you have additional MoneyWorks Gold serial numbers, you can enable full standalone functionality on as many computers/user accounts as you have serial numbers. Every installation that has a full MoneyWorks Gold serial number will have the ability to create new MoneyWorks documents and continue to use them beyond the demo period (Clients without a serial number can create documents, which can be accessed for 45 days in standalone mode). Logging in to the server using these additional MoneyWorks Gold serial numbers does not consume a concurrent client login on the server.