XML_SetCharacterDataHandler (expatParserHandle, handlerName)

Definition:  Specify a handler to be called when the parser encounters character data in the XML.

Your character data handler should be written as on MyCharHandler(data). You would normally just append the data string to a string property that you clear in the start element handler and use in the end element handler. The character data handler may be called multiple times with partial character data for a single element.

Create an expatParserHandle using XML_ParserCreate.

Availability:  MWScript scripts in MoneyWorks Gold v8.1 and later

Suite:  This function is part of the Expat XML parsing suite of functions.

See Also:

XML_Free: Release an Expat parser

XML_Parse: Parse an XML string using an Expat parser

XML_ParserCreate: Create an Expat parser for parsing XML

XML_SetElementHandler: Set an element Handler (callback) for an Expat parser