WebViewControl (window, item, commandString)

Sets options on a custom web view control in a window. commandString is a string consisting of a command followed by parameters in the form name='value'. Currently the only command is options and the available options are openLinksInExternalBrowser and wantCallbacks which take a value of 'true' or 'false' (all case-sensitive).


WebViewControl(w, "L_WEB", "options openLinksInExternalBrowser='true'")

WebViewControl(w, "L_WEB", "options openLinksInExternalBrowser='false'")

WebViewControl(w, "L_WEB", "options wantURLCallback='true'")

WebViewControl(w, "L_WEB", "options wantURLCallback='false'")

The openLinksInExternalBrowser setting determines whether opening a link will open it in the webview control itself or in an external browser. Note that on WIndows, this also controls whether iframes open inline or externally. If you are displaying a web page that contains iframes on Windows, you will need to set the option to falso at least until the page has been loaded. You may then set the option to true. Even better, avoid content with iframes on Windows.

Availability:  available within MWScript handlers in MoneyWorks 8 and later. The wantURLCallback option requires v8.1

See Also:

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