TypeOf (variable)

Result Type: Number

Definition  Returns a number indicating the type of the variable parameter.

TypeTextVariable is a strings= "3.141"
typeof(s) // TypeText
TypeNumberVariable is numeric n = 3.141
typeof(n) // TypeNumber
TypeDateVariable is a date n = '6/7/17'
typeof(n) // TypeDate
TypeTableVariable is a tablet = createTable()
typeOf(t) // TypeTable
TypeSelectionVariable is a selections = createSelection("name", 1)
typeof(s) // TypeSelection
TypeArrayVariable is an array
Scripts only
let a = createArray()
typeof(a) // TypeArray
TypeHandleVariable is a handle
Scripts only
Let t = GetListHandle (w, "By Item")
typeof(t) // TypeHandle

Note  Arrays and handles are only available in scripts.

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