SumDetail ("expression", detail.searchExpr [, transaction.searchExpr])

Result Type: Number

Definition: Used to get the sum of the nominated expression (which should return a numeric result) for the found detail lines of the found transactions. The detail lines to be found are identified in the first search expression, whereas the second expression identifies which transactions to choose. If the transaction search is not specified, all transactions will be searched.


SumDetail("detail.stockqty", "detail.stockcode = \"CA100\"", "type = \"CI@\" and transdate > '30/4/06')")

Returns the quantity of product CA100 purchased since April 06.

SumDetail("detail.stockqty*(detail.unitprice - detail.costprice)", "detail.stockcode = \"B@\"", "type = \"DI@\" and period = datetoperiod('30/4/06')")

Returns the total margin on all products starting with “B” that were invoiced in April 2006.

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