Quarter (DateOrPeriod [, numQuarters=4] [, prefix="Q"])

Result Type: Text

Definition: Returns a "quarter label" corresponding to the given period or date. For dates the quarter is based on the calendar year; for periods it is based on the financial year. It can also be used for half-years etc. using the optional parameters. These labels make useful calculated breakdown values in the Analyse function or Analysis reports.

Examples:  (note: dates are d/m/y)

Quarter('1/4/05') — returns "2005:Q1", .

Quarter('23/7/05’) — returns "2005:Q3"

Quarter('1/11/05', 2, "H") — returns "2005:H2"

Quarter(Transaction.Period) — returns the financial year quarter into which the transaction was/will be posted.

Quarter(Transaction.TransDate) — returns the calendar year quarter