ParamsFromArray (array)

Return type:  a variable patameter list

Definition:  converts the array values to a variable number of parameter values. This kind of "var-arg" type may only be passed to functions that take a variable number of parameters, such as Count(...) or JSON_Get(obj, ...). In fact this function is specifically intended for use with JSON_Get() where the identifier accessors need to be determined programmatically.


see the JSON_Parse example

let jsonObjectHandle = JSON_Parse(jsontext)

let a = CreateArray()
let a[0] = "transaction"
let a[1]= 0
let a[2] = "description"
let a[3] = "original"

let s = JSON_Get(jsonObjectHandle, ParamsFromArray(a))

Limitation:  The number of parameters expanded must not exceed the stack space for the script. If it's going to be more than a few dozen, choose another method.

See Also:

CountElements: Get the size of an associative array

CreateArray: Create an empty associative array

DeleteElement: Remove a key from an associative array

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