Mail (to, subject, content, attachmentName, attachmentPath)

Definition:  Create or send an email according to the email preferences (note that if the email preference is to create an email in the default email client, the message content parameter may be ignored, depending on the email client).

Note:  if the attachmentName is not "", the file referenced by attachmentPath will be renamed to attachmentName.

Availability:  MWScript handlers

from v7.3 onwards, the attachmentPath is optional (you can create an email with no attachment). Prior to 7.3 an invalid attachment path may result in no email being created.

In MoneyWorks 8 and later, if a file already exists in the same location with the requested attachmentName, that file will be deleted first (otherwise the rename would fail). Therefore you should not use this option with mail clients that expect the attachment file to continue to exist after the message is created (Entourage on Mac, for example).