CreateWindow (your_wind_id [, mode])

Result Type:  a windowRef

Definition:  Instantiates a modeless window using the UI form with identifier your_wind_id (i.e. the name you gave the form in the script editor). The window will have a close box to close it.

The return value of CreateWindow will be a window handle. You can use this to do further setup of controls in the window, and/or you can write a Before handler named Before:your_wind_id(windowRef) in which you can set up the state of the window's controls.

If you pass fWindowMode_Floating for the optional mode parameter, the window will be a floating window (it will stay above all other windows; you can use this for a tool palette).

Windows automatically remember their last size and location (this information is written into a file named script_id.properties. You can set the values of the properties your_wind_id_left, your_wind_id_top, your_wind_id_right, and your_wind_id_bottom before instantiating the window to override the size and location.

Availability:  available within MWScript handlers.

See Also:

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