Code128 (text)

Encodes the given text in the encoding required for Code128 (GS1) barcodes. The encoding will be optimised to use Code128A, Code128B, or Code128C encoding or a combination thereof. The only use for this function is to use the result in a barcode object on a form or in a barcode cell on a report. For a barcode to appear in a column in a list on a form you need to embed the function in “<<code128:” and “>>”. For example the following would print an item’s barcode in an invoice:

"<<code128:"+code128(lookup(detail.stockcode, "Product.barcode"))+">>"

The enthusiastic can bypass this function and hand-encode barcodes using the Char() function.

Note: When displaying a barcode in a list on a form you must have word wrap on for the column.