Printing Budgets

Budgets can be printed, saved as text files or emailed in the same way as other printouts. Unless you want to print the entire budget spreadsheet, you should highlight the cells you wish to print before printing.

  1. Highlight the cells that you wish to print

If you wish to print the budget for an entire year, click the appropriate year tab and choose Select All from the Edit menu.

  1. Choose File>Print or press Ctrl-P/⌘-P

The Print Budget Settings window will be displayed

  1. Click Print to print the selected cells

The cells are printed with the account codes down the left hand side of each page, and the period headings across the top. If there are more cells than will fit on a page, extra pages will be printed.

If you are printing monthly budgets for an entire year, it would be a good idea to set the page setup to landscape.

You can also print budgets out in reports. Special budget reports are available under Reports>Budgets (see Fin Year Budgets for an example). To see next year's budgets, use the Profit Next Year Budgets to see the budget in the next financial year. This report also includes budgeted EBITDA calculations.