Importing Assets

  1. Choose File>Import>Assets

The standard file open dialog will be displayed. Use it to navigate to and open the text file containing the asset information.

  1. The Asset Import Field Order window will be displayed

Use this is align the MoneyWorks asset fields on the right to the fields in your text file (see Importing into other Files for information on Import Maps).

  1. Click OK

MoneyWorks will check and import the assets.


  • Not all fields in the register are available for import, and all imported assets will have their status set to "New", allowing them to be edited prior to depreciation (or a change to a different type of asset).
  • When transferring assets from another system in MoneyWorks it is important to ensure that the bookvalue is correct and balances to the quantity multiplied by the cost less the accumulated depreciation.
  • Where a transferred asset uses Diminishing Value, the bookvalue supplied must be that as at the end of a financial year (so that the opening carrying value can be correctly determined).