Job Sheet Items

Internal name JobSheet.

AccountT7The general ledger expense code for the resource
ActivityCodeT9A free-form activity code
AnalysisT9The analysis field
BatchNFor jobsheets entered using a Timesheet, the sequencenumber of the first jobsheet created when the Timesheet is accepted. This forms a unique batch number to identify all jobsheets entered on that time-share.
ColourNThe colour, represented internally as a numeric index in the range 0-7 but rendered as a textual colour name
CommentsT255General comments on the entry
CostCentreT5The cost centre for which the resource was used
CostPriceNThe cost price of the resource used.
DateDThe date the resource was used
DateEnteredDThe date the job sheet item was entered.
DestTransSeqNThe sequence number of the invoice on which this item was billed out.
EnteredByT3User who entered the job sheet record
FlagsNAccessible via the Testflags function. 1 = Time, 2 = Material
JobT9The job code.
LastModifiedTimeSThe date that this job sheet item record was last changed.
MemoT255A description of the job sheet item.
PeriodNA number representing the period of the job sheet item. This is determined automatically by the Date field, and is stored in the same manner as the period field in the transaction file.
QtyNThe quantity of the resource used
ResourceT19The code of the resource
SellPriceNThe estimated sell value of the resource used, based on the job markup.
SerialNumberT31Serial/Batch number of the item
SourceTransSeqNThe sequence number of the originating transaction
StatusA2The status field. "PE" if the item is pending (unbilled), "PR" if it is processed, "BU" if it is a budget entry.
StockLocationT15The location of the item
TaggedTextT255Scriptable tag storage
TimeProcessedS15Timestamp for when the job sheet was processed
TypeA2The type of entry. "IN" for income, "EX" for expense.
UnitsT3The units of resource used.
UserNumNScriptable number
UserTextT255Scriptable text