Internal Name Account.

AccountantsCodeT9Code in accountant's chart that corresponds to this account.
BankAccountNumberT23For bank accounts, the number of the bank account.
CategoryT7The category code for the account (blank if Category is None).
Category2T15User defined
Category3T15User defined
Category4T15User defined
CodeT7The account code
ColourNThe colour, represented internally as a numeric index in the range 0-7 but rendered as a textual colour name
CommentsT1020For own use
CreatedSThe date/time on which the account was created.
CurrencyT3The currency code (empty for local currency accounts)
DescriptionT39Description shown in transaction entry and reports
EBITDAT1Tag to specify EBITDA status of account for reporting ("I" for Interest, "T" for Tax, "D" for Depreciation/Amortisation, otherwise blank)
GroupT5The department group code for the account.
LastModifiedTimeSThe date and time that this account was last changed. This means a change to the account record itself, not a change to the account balance.
LastStatementImportDLast bank statement import cut-off date
ManualChequeNumberT11Next manual cheque number (for bank accounts)
PandLT7The Profit and Loss account.
PrintedChequeNumberT11Next batch cheque number (for bank accounts)
SecurityLevelNThe security level for the account
SystemA2The "system" account type. The account types Bank Account, Profit & Loss, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, GST Received and GST Paid are special system account types. Accounts of these types contain the codes: "BK", "PL", "AR", "AP", "GR", or "GP" (respectively) in the System field. Ordinary account types have " " (2 spaces) in the System field.
TaggedTextT255Scriptable tag storage
TaxCodeA3The tax code for the account.
TypeA2The account type. This will be one of IN, SA, EX, CS, CA, CL, FA, TA, TL or SF for Income, Sales, Expense, Cost of Sales, Current Asset, Current Liability, Fixed Asset, Term Asset, Term Liability or Shareholder's Funds respectively.
UserNumNScriptable number
UserTextT255Scriptable text

Account Flags

Use TestFlags() to determine flags.

Do not reconcile (bank)0x0001Is an Unbanked Account 0x0002
Job Code Required 0x0004Synchronise Cheque Numbers 0x0010
Non Discountable 0x0020Non posting account 0x8000