Saving an Analysis Report

Once you have created the analysis report you can save it for later use.

  1. Close the Untitled Analysis window

You will be asked if you want to save the analysis

  1. Click Save

The standard file creation dialog box will be displayed.

The report should be saved in the Reports folder in the MoneyWorks Custom Plug-ins folder—the file creation dialog box should already be “pointing at” to this.

You can also save the report in a folder located in the Reports folder. If you do this the report will be in the hierarchical menu in the Reports menu that corresponds to that folder.

  1. Type “My Analysis” as the report name and click Save

The Analysis Definition window will close. The report will be saved and is now accessible from the Reports menu.

  1. Choose Reports>My Analysis and preview the analysis

You will need to enter the size when prompted.

If you want to change the layout or specifications of the report, you need to open the report by using the Open command in the File menu.


You have successfully created an analysis report.