Serverside transaction image recompression

It is common to scan and attach invoices/receipts etc to transaction records in MoneyWorks to avoid having to keep paper copies.

Unfortunately, scanners and cameras tend to create files are that are much much bigger than is necessary for a reasonable record of the document. This can result in the Pictures folder for an accounts document becoming very large, not to mention every full backup.

MoneyWorks Datacentre 8.1.9 and later can take advantage of 3rd party software (if installed) to recompress scanned images in uploaded JPEG and PDF files to more reasonable DPI and quality level—still readable, but not excessively large. The software necessary for recompression is not installed with MoneyWorks Datacentre, but you can install it yourself and MoneyWorks Datacentre will detect it and use it if present.

On Mac, you can install jpegoptim and ghostscript using homebrew. These are expected to be installed at /usr/local/bin/jpegoptim and /usr/local/bin/gs respectively. If these files are present, MoneyWorks Datacentre will execute them to optimise uploaded JPEG and PDF transaction images.

On Windows, jpegoptim must be installed in the MoneyWorks Datacentre directory C:\Programe Files (x86)\MoneyWorks Datacentre\jpegoptim.exe. Ghostscript 64 bit should be installed at C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.50\bin\gswin64c.exe.

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