Change History for 9.0.2

9.0.2r3 supplementary update for Datacentre/Gold 30 July 2021 — see end of notes for additional bug fixes

  • New Rounding Mode option: For jurisdictions that mandate rounding half cents (for GST/VAT) “upwards” (technically, away from zero) you can now choose this rounding option instead of the default Bankers’ Rounding (round-half-to-even). Find this option in the GST/VAT Preferences for your document.
  • Anomalous entries in GST report now also have a background highlight, to be more easily discerned by colourblind users
  • Work around macOS High Sierra and later not reporting the correct language locale, resulting in Long Date format always being in English for customers in non-English locales. Note that working around this (intentional) Apple bug/feature has the unfortunate side effect of showing incorrectly localised sidebar headings in Open and Save dialogs within MoneyWorks for all locales (e.g. “SD8.1” instead of “Locations”). Apple appear to have fixed this bug in the upcoming Monterey release.
  • Fixed an intermittent login crash for users with very long MoneyWorks Now usernames
  • Optimised Sum Selection for Orders
  • Asset Register: New assets that have zero bookvalue should be made active
  • Asset Register: Allow new assets to be made non-depreciable
  • Asset Register: New assets with DV depreciation couldn’t alway be depreciated monthly
  • Implemented serverside importing for assets
  • Transaction Colour popup a bit wider
  • Allow zero-qty serialised product line on invoice (to indicate backordered item)
  • Prevent idle sleep for network clients, which otherwise results in disconnection
  • Improve forced-sleep logout behaviour for network clients
  • Fixed an issue with processing Sales Orders for cash customers
  • Retain send name in From header for SMTP, if specified
  • Fixed 64-bit crash on Windows when editing text objects in forms designer
  • Improved Work-it-out behaviour for price codes importing transactions
  • Bank Feeds improvements
  • Fix potential crash displaying fonts in preferences (Windows)
  • Fixed decimal alignment issues with parenthesised negatives in form lists
  • Fixed missing tooltips in Navigator on Windows
  • Fixed a runtime error in Profit Yearly Comparison report
  • Jobsheet importing now supports full length memo fields
  • Fixed type-selection in hierarchical lists, such as the Index to Reports
  • Report output to HTML file retains custom font size and style on parts and cells
  • Fixed On Order for products not respecting unit conversions
  • Fixed a login race condition with serverside reporting which could occasionally cause a report to fall back to running clientside
  • Removed spurious log entry when running a report on server for text output
  • Improved description of CI overpayment credit note
  • No longer using WinInet api on Windows; CURL across the board
  • Fixed Post icon disabling for payments on invoices
  • Handle pathological PO constructions (negative non-stocked items + stock received before invoice)
  • Preliminary Monterey compatibility work
  • Fixed concurrent login accounting for REST or a perpetual license Gold login

Scripting and automation

  • REST API change: REST import errors are no longer inappropriately reported as 500 Internal server error. These are now reported as status code 422
  • MWScript: handler parameters that are not provided now have value NULL instead of throwing an error when accessed (allowing for optional parameters).
  • MWScript: The Round function’s default rounding method is now the document’s rounding mode. Use the optional third parameter to force a specific rounding mode.
  • Script Editor: reloading of dependent scripts improved
  • REST//list may also be invoked with REST/folder/list for the benefit of UAs that don’t like //
  • Fixed exception from Mail() function on Catalina and later if no attachment supplied
  • Fixed a web object crash with 64-bit Windows version
  • Fixed Mac screen update issues after programmed refresh in Navigator
  • Form variables Stmt_Date, Omit_Credit, Omit_Zero, Print_Copy, Include_Remit, Message are now instantiated at startup (previously these variables would only exist after the first visit to the statement printing dialog)
  • Experimental API for database change notification

9.0.2r1 (Datacentre, Gold)

  • Fixed a 9.0.2 regression in purchase order processing (receiving invoice after goods)
  • Improved Datacentre performance of include unposted in account enquiry for large ledgers
  • Fixed SMTP failure where recipient’s name contains a comma (name now not included in that case)
  • Cosmetic fix to popup on Account Enquiry

9.0.2r3 (Datacentre, Gold)

  • Windows 64 bit Gold installer was not installing DLLs required for some Windows versions
  • Fixed crash on Windows when adding more than 500 reports to the Reports menu
  • Fixed crash when printing a report to clipboard (9.0.2r1 bug. d’oh)
  • SOH/Avail calculation for Sales Orders with multi-location stock is now cached and therefore MUCH faster
  • Scripting: AutoFillField function with programmed autofill text block now works with blank descriptions
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