Change History for 9.0.1

Improvements and bug fixes
2 June 2021

  • MoneyWorks Services can now be activated from MoneyWorks Now and Datacentre clients
  • Fixed Drag and Drop of PDF files into image objects on Windows
  • Asset Register: Fixed depreciation of a new asset purchased on 31/12 being doubled when year end is 31/12
  • COM key reinstall now works with 64-bit Gold on Windows
  • Opening PDF manual checks that you have the v9 manual
  • Profit and Loss for Month: Fixed a syntax error in one configuration
  • Sales order with negative order lines now won’t go to Sold until the negative lines are also processed
  • Labels can now be smaller (40 points wide)
  • Detail.custom1 and Custom2 are now in the transaction import map
  • Windows F1 Help now exits the current field so that you can use the search function in Help
  • Fixed a crash on Windows in the printing dialog when selecting a form while output is set to Excel
  • Fixed a potential crash when processing a custom toolbar icon click
  • Yodlee logging is quieter by default
  • Paid By and Price Code popups bigger


  • ValidateFieldWithValidationString can now take a list item or handle and it will validate the active cell of that list
  • SetFieldValue(w, "B_NEXT", 1) to step through records now works as expected (v9 regression)
  • CLI with -z now loads the SMTP BuiltIn script as expected
  • The BuiltIn SMTP script is now named as documented
  • Round now has an optional parameter to optionally get primary-school rounding instead of Banker’s rounding
  • Verbose logging option for CURL (CURLOPT_VERBOSE)
  • Verbose logging option for SendSMTPMail (Built_In:SetVerbose(true))

Server fixes

  • Fixed a crash in 64-bit Win Gold client finalising GST when connected to a server
  • Removed unnecessary logging
  • Windows Console can be minimised again
  • Fixed server crash getting effective stock
  • Importing XML with Byte Order Mark (why would you even have this??) on the server now works
  • Removed connection limit UI for root folder in Console
  • Allow zero as a connection limit for subfolders in Console
  • Fix Windows server meltdown when ports collide with IPv6 turned off
  • Remove IPv6 checkbox because the setting should not be changed while documents are active; can be disabled in .conf if required
  • HTTP logging now logs the result code (this does mean that the log entry does not happen until the request has been processed, rather than before it it processed)
  • CLI with -z now loads the SMTP built-in script as expected
  • Fixed CLI login to MWNow documents (was failing to match the document URL)
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