Change History for 8.0.6

Important bug fixes plus new scripting and analysis functionality
2 Aug 2017

  • Critical fix for indexed wildcard searches that can fail in some rare circumstances. This was related to the change to searching that prevents wildcards in data from behaving as wildcards when searching
  • Fixed crash when allocating a serial to a job sheet item
  • Fixed problem with upload of plugins introduced in Datacentre 8.0.5
  • Fix to serial number stocktake with no locations
  • Fix conversion of per-user prefs from v7 that was introducing corruption to the new pref value
  • Fixed a glitch with list scrolling on Windows when the scale factor is set to 300+%
  • Security: Executing an elevated handler in a script: privilege was not getting dropped after exitting the handler
  • Mac Window menu now displays all window names again (instead of blank menu items!)
  • New scripting handler: URLCallback(window, webviewitemID, url) handler allows your script to examine links that are clicked or redirect urls that are provided by a server
  • Overnight autosave time for continuously open databases is now randomly smeared between 23:00 and 23:30 so that busy servers don’t get hammered by simultaneous saves at 23:00
  • CURLOPT_POST can now use a read callback (the read callback will be used if a POSTFIELDSIZE and a read handler is supplied but POSTFIELDS are not)
  • Analysis reports can now access detail.location,, and detail.serial
  • New long text fields now return the full text when accessed using symbolic name (from script, expression). They were only returning the first 255 characters.
  • Scripting: CreateListWindow heading/column definition terminating newline is now optional
  • Fixed a potential crash when installing a sleep notification fails (Mac)
  • Other product record changes are no longer discarded when a product is being removed from the inventory system by unclicking We Stock It
  • Fixed a potential crash when sending email via MAPI on Windows (email recipient list parser)
  • Fixed a potential crash when using the escape key to close a window that has changes to be saved (Windows)
  • Fixed a potential crash when the server fails to provide preference information to e client (blob loading)
  • Fixed potential crash when the product entry window posts a locked.single user alert when opened
  • Scripting: ExitedField handlers that invoke UI will no longer cause a recursive call to ExitedField on the same field
  • Scripting: Fixed a potential crash when ValidateField handlers invoke UI
  • Progress window no longer causes an ExitedField on the underlying window
  • Added ExpectedLife field to AssetCat table
  • Group field in AssetCat table is now 7 chars
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