Change History for 7.0.8

December 2013

  • Aged Receivables/Payables: Speed improvement and fixed omit-zero-balances for retrospective case
  • Fixed a crash when statement importing window is left empty
  • Fixed an accounts setup crash with the Malaysia locale on Cashbook
  • Datacentre Console windows are now centred
  • Datacentre Console will now check for unrestored session files before allowing an update
  • Datacentre REST server SSL mode fixed
  • Datacentre log file rotation on Windows now working
  • Fixed Caseware export
  • Fixed Calculator launching on Windows
  • Job Detailed report no longer shows processed PO in the unprocessed list
  • Canada Purchase Sales Tax drill down arrows were not drawing on Mac
  • Fixed crash in Save a Clone when transaction list open
  • Fixed a subtle problem with Backorders: PO processing failed to drop backordered lines if Sales Order option “Include Backordered” is turned on
  • Cosmetic fix to news feed on Windows
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