Change History for 7.3.6

Bug fixes, stability, performance, and other improvements.

6 April 2016

  • Report Writer: Column part Actual, Movement this Period ± N: N now displayed correctly if negative on 64-bit version (Mac)
  • GST Report: Date column is now a tad wider to accommodate YYYY-MM-DD date format
  • Emailing receipt unrelated to a Name Code no longer populates email address randomly.
  • Report writer preview running on Datacentre server no longer causes the report to be considered unchanged.
  • Updated openssl version to 1.0.2f
  • Applescript Make New Document now works again (7.3 regression)
  • Sending an AppleEvent to MoneyWorks when it is not running will now cause it to be launched to receive the event (64 bit regression, Mac)
  • Failure to create a temp file for SMTP message is no longer a crashworthy error
  • Gold Sharing Mac: Dock icon now longer shows doc name when file is being shared with Multiple instances enabled (64 bit regression)
  • MoneyWorks Now URL login from CLI no longer crashes if password incorrect
  • Export Accounts: Large Budgets now export correctly in 64 bit mode
  • Analyse() function now more robust with improperly specified breakdowns
  • Addressed potential crash processing detail line activation
  • Batch Creditor Payments: Fixed spurious “Cheque number used by another user” encountered by clients of Gold server
  • Forms: Fixed issues with alignment of currency-formatted numbers
  • Made processing of residual deposit credits more robust
  • Improved window teardown stability on Windows to prevent a rare potential crash
  • Addressed crash report associated with ctrl ➝ / ctrl ← in some lists
  • XML payment importing more robust
  • Removed spurious Set Comment command from Express menus
  • Forms Designer: Import image now sees gifs (Mac)
  • Addressed potential instability if Save As dialog is left oprn for a long time (Mac)
  • Open/close document is now logged (Datacentre)
  • Addressed potential crash in View Related in product code field
  • Set cursor for in-field drill down arrows on Mac
  • Trial Balance report with Print Movements performance optimised
  • Addressed potental stability issue with Include Unposted
  • Save Selected Script as XML is now properly disabled when no script is selected
  • Datacentre installer now removes 64 bit Console binary on Snow Leopard (to prevent first-launch crash)
  • Improve low-memory behaviour on Windows, particularly for Save a Compacted Copy
  • Support MWScript aborting a window’s Before message by simulating OK/Cancel
  • Make tax amount read only for product transactions when the tax code is ‘*’
  • Allow 64-bit window handles to be type-converted (for use as opaque keys for per-window data storage)
  • Make Jobsheet.Type mutable for Replace. The only valid values for this field are IN or EX.
  • Displaying Cmd key equivalents on Mac no longer crashy for control names longer than 63 chars
  • Fixed instability in Payments History on Windows


  • Fix 7.3.6 order unit price being read-only when tax code is *
  • Cocoa version Product entry window resizable
  • Profit and Loss for Year to Date: revert to single period select
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