Change History for 7.3.1

15 Oct 2015

Bug fixes, mostly—but not entirely— for the Cocoa version.

  • Report/Form Save Changes dialog no longer shows full path.
  • Improved defences against working temp file being deleted.
  • Prevent importing Name with base currency ISO code.
  • Fix assertion failure when right clicking in active form text item.
  • Fix random crash after changing list font in preferences.
  • Open Recent → Clear Menu now working (Cocoa).
  • Add missing app preferences icon in Cashbook/Express Navigators.
  • Acme default transaction entry windows were too small, causing problems with Hold checkbox.
  • Fix menu item enabling during modal dialog at launch.
  • Command line file opening in GUI mode no longer opens twice
  • Respond to Esc key when no active control.
  • Find Related dialog. Show in View popup can now recives focus after selecting a destination.
  • Clicking MOTD on Navigator sidebar on Windows now works.
  • Fixed issue with entering new acct/product on the fly after invoking choices with an @.
  • Fix Windows Datacentre clients listing printing showing “-” instead of actual data.
  • Fix incorrect list lineheight for larger font sizes on Mac.
  • Reenable crash reporting on Windows.
  • Ctrl-Click on Mac: Now works as right click again.
  • Mac Window menu now shows window names.
  • Windows installers: Fix migration of start menu items to top level; redundant folders removed.
  • Entourage attachments now working again.
  • mail_client_helper is now checked to override mail client beghaviour.
  • Shift-⌘-O shortcut for OK button in transaction entry now works when OK not default.
  • MoneyWorks Preferences → Emailing: removed reference to Entourage (although Entourage is still supported, for now).
  • Fix crash with EMF graphics in forms preview on Windows.
  • Correct app name in code signature for Windows Datacentre Console.


  • Better placement of annual budget in budget editor for long account-dept names.


  • 7.3.1 problem with changing tabs in entry windows
  • Fixed Transaction entry OK/Next buttons on XP.
  • Also now rebuilt the Express and Cashbook installers to strip the 64-bit executable on Snow Leopard to prevent the first-launch crash.
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