Job Sheet Entries Markup

Discussion about using the MoneyWorks Job costing system.
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Job Sheet Entries Markup

Post by Mick » 14 Apr 2007 11:06

I'm having trouble getting markup to work for me. I have worked thru the tutorial (p.G-270) working with markup on transactions. That works, but what about other job sheet entries. When I send out invoices for work to date, I need each line item of services, labor, and resources sub-totaled and the default markup per cent added to equal the total. So far no go. What's the trick ? I understand each "product" has a default markup percent. As a general contractor I markup (add a fee) when handling my labor, materials, or services from other subcontractors and invoice monthly as a basis of draw requests.

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Post by rowan » 14 Apr 2007 17:28

Job costing has its own pricing rules. Look in the Costing tab of the product.

There is an option to use the product's sell price, or to apply the job's markup, or to set the job sell price at the time you purchase the item.

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Re: Job Sheet Entries Markup

Post by johnstoffer » 10 Sep 2011 04:36

Is it possible to put separate markups for each product entered into a quote?

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