Billing rates/expense reports for jobs and payment

Discussion about using the MoneyWorks Job costing system.
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Billing rates/expense reports for jobs and payment

Post by flygirl » 11 Dec 2012 14:16

I am new to Moneyworks and in the process of setting everything up for an engineering firm (service-based). I have a few questions on setting up products/resources/time:
1. I am able to charge mileage to the client, and then reimburse the employee for that mileage. I have seen the example of setting up the mileage as a resource and billing the client, but how do I reimburse an employee for that mileage. Do I set the employee up as a resource or product and then when they submit an expense report with mileage on it, record it against the job that way, and then pay them for it as a payable?
2. I’ve set up a Credit Card bank, and am just wondering, do I set up each expense item that shows up on the credit card as a product or resource (eg. Starbucks, American Airlines, City Parking, etc), and then when the credit card comes in, select each one of these and put the dollar amount to it, then select the credit card bank for payment?
3. Each employee has multiple billing rates. For example, I have created 5 codes with a corresponding rate for John Smith’s 5 billing rates. When I want to use the timesheet function by resource, it asks for one of those codes (eg. JS@$200/hr rate). If I have multiple jobs to enter on the timesheet, and need to use the different billing rates, do I then just over-write the default rate (of $200) and change it to, say $150? Is there a better/easier way to do this? I looked at tying the rate to the client, but that won't work - I have to do it through the employee.
Thanks so very much for all your help! Cheers.../FG

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