Cash available by department

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Cash available by department

Post by JC » 22 May 2013 12:32


We've now been using MoneyWorks for a couple years, and we've been pretty pleased, for the most part. One aspect of the program that we have found very frustrating, however, is the fact that each financial year is set up to operate so entirely separately from the one before it. What we would really like to be able to do is to track how much money is available to any one department. For example, when we began using MoneyWorks our youth department had $X in it. Throughout the year, we had income and expenses, and we were left with slightly less in the kitty for that department than we began with. However, when the next financial year began, MoneyWorks tracked income and expenses for that year only, with no reference to the amount that was left from the year before. We would love to generate a report that would show income and expense for each department in a given month with the balance for that department as the final line in that department's report. Our organisations operate from three bank accounts with multiple departments attached to each account. So I have not yet been able to successfully modify existing reports to accurately reflect the information we want in a report. Has anyone else generated the type of report we are looking for, or can anyone give me any idea how to do it myself? I'd really appreciate the help!


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Re: Cash available by department

Post by Simon » 23 May 2013 12:53

Having you P&L accounts balance to 0 at the end of the financial year is the nature of accounting so not really MW's fault. There are ways to report what you want to see though. A prime example is a report that is already in MW - under the Profit and Loss folder look at "Profit 12 Months Actuals". This only shows 12 months, but crosses financial years. You can use this as a basis to create a report with more than 12 months, and if you wanted it summarised then hide the various columns and have one visible column that adds them all up.

Another way is to forget about using Dept's and use the job costing module. This is not limited to financial years.

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