Electronic Payments in Canada

Use this area for questions that are specifically related to Canada (e.g PST handling, Canadian cheque standards)
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Electronic Payments in Canada

Post by rboisjoly » 05 Sep 2013 05:12

My bank offers an electronic deposit/payment system for Pay or Supplier payment, which requires the accounting software to provide CPA005 (ACP005) (Canadian Payments Association) formatted files.

MoneyWorks Express tells me I have no plugins for electronic payments which apply to my country...

this seems to indicate that this is impossible.

Anyone out there understand this and know of a workaround or solution?

I don't mind if it is not directly tied into MoneyWorks, I can enter the transaction manually, as long as I can generate the file properly to give the bank for this transfer to occur...

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Re: Electronic Payments in Canada

Post by Sam » 13 Sep 2013 11:27

What version are you using?

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Re: Electronic Payments in Canada

Post by atyourservice » 10 Oct 2013 15:30

Did you find an answer to this question re the electronic payments? I'm in the process of moving my business banking to a credit union and hope the use of the Canadian funds Payment Association formatted files will be one of the key reasons why I wish to do this.... Thanks - I look forward to your response!

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Re: Electronic Payments in Canada

Post by shayanjameel08 » 24 Oct 2013 00:25

Electronic payments are now used more often by Canadian consumers than notes and coins. Direct debit transactions are commonplace, even for trifling sums. Credit card operations are almost always electronic, and are increasingly performed without the need to physically present the card. Cheque imaging is around the corner (or part of some existing consumer services). New services, such as stored-value cards or facilities offered by a provider such as PayPal, are being experimented or are actually gaining popularity.

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