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Use this area for questions that are specifically related to Canada (e.g PST handling, Canadian cheque standards)
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Back to PST in BC

Post by grant » 21 Mar 2013 16:08

On April 1st 2013, British Columbia is reverting to the more complex PST tax system, reversing a change to the simpler HST environment adopted a few years ago.

First off, it is a structural change in the tax system, so you can't just change the HST rate to whatever the new rate is going to be. Instead you must set up a new tax (or, for users who have had MoneyWorks for several years, reinstate the old one).

We have prepared a document that discusses how you can change your MoneyWorks file(s) to implement PST. It would be a good idea to refresh yourself on how MoneyWorks handles taxes by revisiting pages 202-206 of the MoneyWorks 6 Manual (available under the Help menu in MoneyWorks).

To download the document as a pdf click on this link:

Note: The pdf was updated on 25 March to cover printing invoices with GST+PST on them instead of HST.

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Re: Back to PST in BC

Post by sjb » 03 Apr 2013 06:03

Is it possible to change all necessary customers to a new tax code at once in MW Gold 5? We are in ONtario but have customers in BC and PEI whose tax codes need to be changed. I can isolate each province by using the find command, but I don't see any option to replace the tax code. I could export to a spreadsheet, make the change and import back in but am hoping to find a quicker solution.



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