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Different HST amounts for same client

Posted: 06 Oct 2010 08:41
by CBCreative

I have an issue that now relates to the new legislation for HST which is that tax is charged at the rate of whichever province the client is located (more importantly, the address indicated on the invoice).

We have a customer (debtor) who works with a large hotel chain with locations throughout Canada. Their primary location is based in Ontario, but the customer will frequently request assets on behalf of a property in Quebec, and needs to be billed to the hotel address.

This means that I need two separate tax rates for the same customer, 13% HST when billed in Ontario and 5% when billed in Quebec.

Is there anyway of modifying the pricing & terms for the customer within their profile for each address? Or do I have to modify the tax on the individual invoices each time this issue occurs? I'd like to avoid this scenario, as I may not remember to change it each time...