Changed to HST but GST still showing on invoices

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Changed to HST but GST still showing on invoices

Post by vibabyfair » 02 Jul 2010 05:59

I changed my accounts to the new HST today and everything seems to have gone smoothly, except for one thing:
When I print receipts for clients, the label still says "GST" even though they have been charged HST and the amount reflects the 12%. How do I change the labels to show the new tax?

(I use the "Print Debtor Invoice" to get these receipts. Then I can click through as far as editing with the Form Designer. It appears the label I want to change is TaxName+":" - that's the one that results in GST showing on the invoice. Below it is TaxName2+":" - which results in PST showing on the invoice - which I can probably just get rid of now!)

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Post by feda » 03 Jul 2010 08:29

Click on the following link and there's an article that explains how to change your form.

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Invoices still showing GST

Post by grant » 05 Jul 2010 18:43

There will be a MoneyWorks Update out in a day or so to overcome some unforeseen issues with this.

IF you need to print invoices with HST on urgently, then you will need to modify the invoice as in the previous post.

The update will fix this automatically if you can wait.

Dave Matheson
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Changing to HST Default Invoice

Post by Dave Matheson » 11 Jul 2010 05:11

I'm not sure if anyone else is having this experience but all the updates given so far work great except my Moneyworks continues to default to the old GST/PST invoice form. Can someone tell me how to make the HST form the default.


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Standard Invoices should show HST

Post by grant » 12 Jul 2010 15:06

Any of the standard invoices should just show HST provided you are using MoneyWorks 5.32.

If you are using an invoice that you customised yourself, then it depends entirely on your customisation as to whether it will show HST or something else.

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Post by Mike » 14 Jul 2010 04:25

I updated to MoneyWorks 5.3.2, and tried to print an old invoice (pre change to HST) using the default product invoice form.

The invoice shows HST even though no HST is used on this invoice. I get the same result when I try to print invoices for other provinces that don't use HST.

Am I missing something?

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