PST on Expenses - using T code

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PST on Expenses - using T code

Post by niner » 12 Jan 2010 04:43

Hi - I am a freelance graphic designer -

I have a question about a T tax code I set up which encompasses 5%GST and 8%PST.

When I log an expense at Staples business depot for example - I would pay both taxes on my stationary supplies. So I log the expense as Pens 5.99 and use the tax code of T (to include both taxes) however, When I do a GST report in MW however, all such expenses logged with my T code - are being shown at the bottom (In the totalled area) as Code T - Rate 13.00 and Count 13(the number of items I have used the T code for) but in the PST column over to the right there is only 0.00. This is not correct as I have paid PST on these expenses. (They are not showing up in the PST total section.) (I wish I had the vocabulary to explain -more clearly - I am not an accountant!)
Note - there is also a mystery E code at the bottom of my GST report - I never set up a E code and it's tax is (0%). It does not have the same Cont number as the T code - so I thought it might be possible that this was where all my PST went but now I'm not sure.
Help - am I doing something wrong? All of these expenses are posted now - so I how do I fix the situation?

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Post by feda » 26 Mar 2010 12:59

PST on an expense becomes part of the expense as you cannot claim PST as you would with GST. If you charge PST on sales then you would need to run the Sales Tax Report under the Reports menu. Suggest also that you take a look at this article on the NA Moneyworks website: ... ing-canada

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Re: PST on Expenses - using T code

Post by shayanjameel08 » 25 Oct 2013 23:00

it must be going to the same account and the expense posting is... how do we edit the code to do this?

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