Excessive Printer Margins

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Excessive Printer Margins

Post by johnk » 19 Jul 2013 18:48

Although i have this problem with reports, others have asked related questions here.

I'm a new Cashbook user and I'm printing a vanilla monthly P/L report. The final two lines go to page 2 but there's heaps of room on page 1. (2cm top, 4cm bottom 2cm on sides). It looks like the layout is for American letter format.

I have my printer (Printer's Preferences) and and Page Setup (File Menu) set for A4 and the margins set for 1cm top, 1 cm bottom and 2cm on sides.

These margins are obviously being ignored.

It's interesting that I can only use Page Setup when I have Transactions open. At any other time (ie Reports) its blanked out.

Any advice?

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Re: Excessive Printer Margins

Post by Simon » 30 Jul 2013 15:24

Each report and form in MW has its own margin and page setup. The margins are by default quite generous, so when you are in the settings page when running a report (the bit where you select the date rabge, and choose to preview, print etc). click on the page thumpnail where you see a printer icon and a number in a box next to it (click on number). This will give you the margins and scaling for that report. Drag the margins to how you want them and clck OK.

The report will remember your settings, but you'll need to change each individual report.

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