Export issues: no File > Export option as in the manual

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Export issues: no File > Export option as in the manual

Post by david.brewster » 21 Mar 2013 18:24

I want to export my transactions for my accountant. They suggest using the Solution6 format, which they should be able to use, however I notice that the exported file contains only account numbers – no names. So I obviously need to export a chart of accounts as well (or something similar).

The MoneyWorks PDF manual shows a dialog with a range of options which supposedly becomes available after selecting a group of accounts, then File > Export...

1/ I have no File > Export command, only File > Accountant's export
2/ When I choose that menu item, I get no options other than the export format (and then the range in some cases)

Any guidance on this would be welcome.

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Re: Export issues: no File > Export option as in the manual

Post by Simon » 19 Apr 2013 09:15

If you are wanting to export to Solution6 format for your Accountant then the Accountants Export is the option you want. You need to know which version of Solution6 your accountant wants, then enter the date range for the period of transactions to export. This will create a text file for your accountant to import into their accounting system.

This assumes you are using the same account codes as your accountant or have netered their codes into the Accountants Code field in the account codes.

Alternatively get your accountant to either apply for their free version of MW or get them to download a demo version. Then send then a backup of your file and they can then access all the information and have the opportunuity to see the full benefits of MW.

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Re: Export issues: no File > Export option as in the manual

Post by Trace14 » 06 Aug 2014 01:01


I'm trying to use the Accountants Export option to send my stuff to the accountant and it mentions that a username and password is needed??

She has received the file and she has the accountants copy of moneyworks but she needs a username and password to access the data - what username and password should this be please??? Surely not the main admin username and passwords??

I have checked the manual and there is no mention of a username and password needed - please help??

Thank you in advance,

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Re: Export issues: no File > Export option as in the manual

Post by akexpress » 06 Aug 2014 12:37

You will need to give your accountant access to your data file if you have passworded the file. It is up to you whose user name and password you give them, but if they are working on your accounts presumably you will want them to be able to see everything? You could always set them up their own user and password in the data file and then select the privileges you would like them to see. Think of it a bit like a Word document, if you password that then anyone wanting to open it needs the password.

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