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by Simon
23 Nov 2004 15:38
Forum: General MoneyWorks
Topic: paying expenses and reconciling
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Yes, as you have found the only way to pay an invoice is via a bank account. So as you suggested set up an account for the credit card and make this a bank account.

To clear the balance you could do a receipt coding it to your personal account.
by Simon
08 Nov 2004 11:37
Forum: Ideas and Suggestions
Topic: Easier way to match payments with their invoices
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There could be merit in this approach as I know a few users get confused between invoices and receipts and cash sales etc. It would only be of use to businesses that usually only have to match a receipt against one invoice (which could then cause some confusion if they did receive an receipt for mul...
by Simon
03 Nov 2004 07:30
Forum: General MoneyWorks
Topic: Cash till operations with MoneyWorks Gold
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This is not an inbuilt MW function but I believe it could be acheived through the use of scripts. This would be an external hook into MWs that would activate the till when the OK button on a transaction was clicked

Are you on PC or Mac?
by Simon
21 Oct 2004 13:39
Forum: Ideas and Suggestions
Topic: Choosing accounts
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Why try and remember the shortcut keys for the navigator when the shortcut keys for the actual process is so much quicker - eg. ctrl t for transactions etc? You'll find that the keyboard shortcuts are alot more efficient than the navigator once you have a few of the relvant commands memorised. These...
by Simon
21 Oct 2004 13:24
Forum: Ideas and Suggestions
Topic: Reconciling Bank Accounts - click, click, click...
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You could try ctrl shift click which will click off everything with the same analysis value (which if you have nothing in the analysis field will result in all items being marked as reconciled). Then unclick the items not on the reconciliation. For simple reconciliations this is a really quick way. ...
by Simon
21 Oct 2004 13:20
Forum: Reports and Report Writing
Topic: Transaction report
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Have you tried doing an account enquiry, showing the movements and then printing as shown on screen. This way you can control the content by customising the list view.