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by BarbNZP
20 Oct 2015 17:56
Forum: General MoneyWorks
Topic: Cannot email from Moneyworks
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Re: Cannot email from Moneyworks

I also had a problem, and was told that because we were using Entourage which has now been discontinued that this was the problem. It does work using MAIL on the Mac. Not sure if it works with Outlook which is a current program.
by BarbNZP
26 Aug 2013 17:25
Forum: Ideas and Suggestions
Topic: Production "Build More Of"
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Production "Build More Of"

We want t be able to use the Build More Of function but would like to control the date. Currently all builds carries the system date and are automatically posted. Production is not necessarily entered daily in all instances. Currently we go back to the automatically generated journals and manually e...
by BarbNZP
26 Aug 2013 17:10
Forum: Ideas and Suggestions
Topic: expand customer contact information
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Re: expand customer contact information

I agree that we need more contacts particularly with all the emailing of invoices/statements. Frequently there is already a Head Office situation and those contacts are already in use.
by BarbNZP
26 Aug 2013 16:57
Forum: Reports and Report Writing
Topic: Sales Analysis Reports
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Sales Analysis Reports

I have noted that the Unit Price field in sales analysis reports relates to the average of the number of orders and not the quantities, even credit notes get added as orders. e.g 1st order 100items @ $10.00 2nd order 10 items @ $12.00 gives a $11.00 Unit Price. Actual average is $10.18. Does anyone ...
by BarbNZP
26 Aug 2013 16:41
Forum: General MoneyWorks
Topic: Transfer Funds - Shortcut Key
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Re: Transfer Funds - Shortcut Key

I also do many transfers of funds and would like to see a short cut key.
by BarbNZP
25 Apr 2013 15:04
Forum: General MoneyWorks
Topic: Aarn Body Pack ... the winner is "Simon"
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I am creating a form that lists products, freight and resources in three separate lists. I need the list for products to variable in length on first page. The subsequent lists can be on second page. I have tried using the ATTRIBUTES (lst page only etc) but it will only print as far as the length on ...