MoneyWorks Mobile Solutions




Access MoneyWorks from your mobile device ... anywhere, anytime*.

Out of town and need a report? Want to submit a timesheet while on the road?

Now you can have live access to your MoneyWorks Datacentre from your mobile device. With no preloading of data or cumbersome data-synching necessary, using your mobile device to access MoneyWorks is simple and streamlined—just as you would expect from the technology leader in accounting software.

What does it do?

MoneyWorks Datacentre can now respond to direct requests made by authorized users over the internet. Typical requests might be of the form "Give me today's sales report", "Here is my time data", or "Here is an order".

The requests are processed in real time, giving you up-to-the-minute information. Any data you submit is instantly available to other users. No error-prone data-synching, just seamless integration between your mobile device and MoneyWorks.

What can be done with it?

Almost anything! From simple enquiries ("How much does this customer owe us?", "How many of these items are on hand") through to more complex workflows ("Here is an order", "Invoice this job"). The requests can be made through your web browser, or more typically through a specially designed app.

Two sample apps are included with MoneyWorks Datacentre to illustrate how this works. As well as being fully functional and useful in their own right, they can also be used to provide a starting point for you (or your developer) to prepare solutions that meet your specific mobile requirements.

Any report, anywhere ...

Visiting a client and need to see their sales history? Out of town and want to monitor today's performance? The free Reports app allows you to pull up almost any report, anywhere.

Most reports in MoneyWorks, including ones you have designed yourself, can be accessed. Reports are secured by standard MoneyWorks signing permissions, so only authorized users can access particular reports.

Record your time ...

... with just a couple of taps!

The job Timer app provides a simple way of recording time and material on jobs through your mobile device, and is ideal for anyone who needs to record time on jobs, whether outside or inside the office. Any information entered updates the MoneyWorks job system in real time, ready for instant collation and billing,

More information on the Reports and Timer apps provided with MoneyWorks Datacentre are available in this pdf.


MoneyWorks Mobile FAQs

What devices are supported?

MoneyWorks uses standard technologies, so in principle any modern device that can connect to the internet is supported. This covers most devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows. Although our sample apps are webapps so they run in your browser (although not Internet Explorer), there is no reason why native apps cannot be developed.

Can I use MoneyWorks Gold or Express

No. For your data file to be accessed remotely it needs to be available 24/7, which requires the MoneyWorks Datacentre server.

How much does it cost?

It is built into Datacentre (from 6.1) at no additional cost. It does consume a concurrent user licence when access is being made, so you might need to increase the number of users.

How responsive is it?

It is normally very fast, but the speed does depend on the quality of your internet connection. For example, to pull up a Profit report in Vancouver from a MoneyWorks Datacentre in Auckland (10,000 kilometers across the Pacific) was just a couple of seconds.

Do we need to configure anything?

You will need to configure your router and firewall (and must have a static IP address). Information on configuring your router is in this article. You will also need to turn on the service in the MoneyWorks Datacentre Console. You do not need a separate web server, as one is built into Datacentre.

How do I get access to the sample apps?

The sample apps we provide are written in Javascript, and are in the WebApps/default directory of your Datacentre installation, as described in the Datacentre Administrators Guide. You are free to modify these, but should save any changed apps in the WebApps directory (outside of the default directory).

What is the technology used?

Technically the requests use a web-standard technology called REST (see wikipedia for more details). This allows requests to be encoded in a standard URL, and is an elegant and simple way to retrieve and extract data. Information on the MoneyWorks REST implementation in available in this article.

*Internet connection required

Last Updated 23rd May 2012