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Billings Pro – Recording and Invoicing Time

The new version of Billings Pro from Marketcircle (developers of the award winning Daylite CRM package) provides an awesome level of integration with MoneyWorks Express, Gold and Datacentre (version 6.0.5 or later).

Billings Pro is a time tracking and invoicing system that allows multiple users to record time on a variety devices, using a native app on Mac and iPhone, and a web app for Windows, Linux, Android, Blackberry Torch, Palm Pre and iPad. This data is seamlessly sent to your Billings Pro “server” application running on your own Mac, where it can be collated, approved and invoiced out. The resultant invoice is transferred seamlessly to MoneyWorks Express, Gold or Datacentre, where the accounting process takes over.

The integration that Marketcircle have achieved with MoneyWorks is truely impressive. When you run Billings Pro, it quietly integrates MoneyWorks behind the scenes, so it knows about the general ledger accounts and customer information that is in MoneyWorks. MoneyWorks also integrate with Daylite and FileMaker, providing a central accounting hub for your workflow.

For more information on Billings Pro, visit the MarketCircle website.

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