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Mobile Access with MoneyWorks Datacentre 6.1

The advent of smart devices (iphones, ipads etc) means that mobile connectivity is becoming more and more realistic. In the release of MoneyWorks Datacentre 6.1 we have included two sample mobile apps which provide direct communication over the internet with MoneyWorks Datacentre, eliminating the problems of data synching, which is the bane of most mobile solutions. These samples are intended to illustrate what can be accomplished using MoneyWorks.

The two “webapps” we have provided are:

Reports: An app that will generate and display a nominated report in real time. Any report created using the MoneyWorks Report writer can be displayed; this includes any of your own specially developed reports, as well as most of the standard report. So now, when you are out on the road, the latest information is always available, whether it is sales information (what is the purchasing history of the customer I am about to visit), management information (how did the business perform today?), or traditional financial reports.

Timer: A timer application that allows you to record time and materials against jobs – simply tap a job to select, then start the timer or record materials used. The information you enter will go live into the job system back to your Datacentre, ready for collating and billing. Ideal for people selling time and expertise (consultants, tradespeople etc).

List of current jobs on iPhone

List of current jobs

Performance is astonishingly fast. I was recently in Vancouver, and it took just a few seconds to display a sales report generated live in Auckland, 11,000 kilometers away on the other side of the Pacific.

Of course there are limitless other possibilities for this technology, such as direct order entry, invoice creation, point of sale and more, with a number of developers already working on specific solutions for clients. It is all very exciting!

Our sample apps are written in javascript and html5, so can be easily modified by others to meet your specific requirements. They require an active internet connection to work. For more information on these web apps and how to access them, please download this pdf. More technical developer information can be found on the Developer Page.

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